Luggage & Travel

Curv® is the ideal material for luggage, backpacks, and rigid or hybrid protective cases.

Luggage & Travel

Application overview

CURV boasts superior impact strength and lightweight rigidity compared to traditional plastics, fabrics or aluminum. Used as luggage shells, protective cases or backpack reinforcements, CURV brings unsurpassed durability and allows for significant weight reduction versus traditional materials. CURV's unique aesthetics can range from a technical carbon-fiber look to an organic textile finish. CURV can be pressure-thermoformed into rigid shapes and can be easily sewn for endless design potential.

Samsonite trusts CURV for the shell of their premium suitcases. Samsonite suitcases created with CURV stand up to a lifetime of abuse while retaining distinctive style and remaining the lightest weight in the industry. Watch the videos below to find out how Samsonite revolutionized luggage using CURV.


Mechanical Properties

Curv® is available in multiple grades to meet a wide range of mechanical properties to suit your functional requirements. Custom solutions are also available for unique applications.

Create your next product with CURV

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