The Innovation Behind Curv

Curv® and VersaCompcomprise a family of thermoplastic composite materials incorporating “self-reinforcement”.   Self-reinforcement is achieved through a patented process where the composite polymer matrix is reinforced with highly oriented, high stiffness, and high strength strands of the same polymer. Layers of the oriented material are compacted under precise temperature and pressure in a continuous process to yield a multi-layer structure where the oriented strand surfaces are partially melted and encapsulated in the polymer matrix….retaining their strength and creating a unique, high strength, high impact-resistant material.  

Self-reinforcement can be combined and hybridized with other thermoplastic composite technologies in the same process to create highly customizable, unique composite structures with special properties.


Curv® and VersaCompTM are currently improving a wide array of applications. We work with our customers to customize solutions for challenging opportunities.




Underbody Shields
EV Battery Support
Seat Backs
Separation Walls
Door Modules
Lift Modules


Athletic Padding
Shin Guards
Hockey Skates

Anti-ballistics &

Ballistic Vests
Anti-Truama Armor
Uniform Stiffeners

and EV’s

EV Battery Casings
Skid Plates
Impact Protection
Structural Decking
Aftermarket Protection

The Strength of Thermoforming

Curv® and VersaComp™ can be thermoformed with pressure to achieve three-dimensional shapes while retaining their strength and impact resistance. Thermoforming offers a more cost-effective, environmentally cleaner process than conventional thermoset composite molding.

When combined with our functional and aesthetic finishes, thermoforming takes your product to the next level by allowing you to implement unique three-dimensional shapes, coloration, and textures that would otherwise be costly or require additional materials and assembly. Leverage our in-house thermoforming capabilities to help you prototype and launch your product for faster time-to-market.

Impact Tests

See the impact resistance properties of PFS Innovative Composites vs other materials.

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