Sports & Outdoors

The lightweight and exceptional impact strength of CURV® makes it a versatile solution for sporting and outdoor applications.

Sports & Outdoors

Application overview

CURV allows for significantly reduced weight for protective equipment in hockey, soccer, football, baseball, and lacrosse gear. From knee pads to goalie guards to shoulder pads, having superior protection and lightweight flexibility is an advantage to athletes at every level of competition.

The lightweight stiffness and extreme durability of the CURV family makes it well suited as a stiffener in boots, skates, uniforms, belts, and harnesses. The same super-durable and lightweight stiffness that makes CURV ideal for tactical military applications makes it valuable for sports and outdoor gear.

Depending on the application, CURV can be supplied in various thicknesses, constructions, and designs. Combined with a broad array of processing options, CURV stands ahead of the competition for any sporting goods need.


Mechanical Properties

Curv® is available in multiple grades to meet a wide range of mechanical properties to suit your functional requirements. Custom solutions are also available for unique applications.

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