Light-weight Strength for Luggage

Curv® is an ideal material for luggage, backpacks, and rigid protective cases. It can be used for the entire shell or for lightweight reinforcement. Lightweight and stiff, Curv and Versacomp have a long history of strengthening suitcases, briefcases, tool cases, and backpacks.

Curv and Versacomp boast supreme impact strength and rigidity. Our proprietary compaction process, using layers of high-strength-oriented plastic, gives Curv and Versacomp the properties necessary to stand up to the most careless of baggage handlers.

Samsonite trusts Curv as the shell of some of their highest-end suitcases from Curv. Even in the face of extreme abuse, Samsonite suitcases created with Curv stand up to a lifetime of abuse. And, while strength is necessary, luggage must still be lightweight. Curv offers all of this strength without forcing you to compromise on weight. Watch the videos below to find out how Curv revolutionized luggage.

The woven structure embedded deep in Curv® enables high energy absorption and prevents cracking or splintering. The impact strength of original Curv is about 3,400 J/m at room temperature. This strength, paired with the high rigidity of Curv and Versacomp (four times higher than standard polypropylene), makes wall thicknesses of less than 1 mm feasible without additional stiffeners. The result is a piece of luggage that is robust and durable. Curv® is also found in other cases where strength and lightness are paramount: bicycle, weapon, and industrial equipment transportation.

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