Composite Concrete Formwork

Curv® Reinforced Composite Core Panels are a lightweight, cost-effective concrete shuttering and moulding solution.

Composite Concrete Formwork

Application overview

CURV® Reinforced Composite Core Paneling is the next-generation concrete shuttering and temporary formwork solution that combines the stiffness of traditional plywood formwork with the versatility of lightweight, reusable polymer composite material. CURV® Composite Core Panels are a cost-effective, featherweight, green option featuring high-reusability, stackability, easy installation and a simple removal process that is unrivaled in the concrete industry.


Long Life & High Reusability

High reusability from both sides, washable and chemical resistant.


Reduces overall weight by 50% or more in typical applications.

Waterproof & Impermeable

Safe to use with water, dirt, sand and in conjunction with common solvents.


Stronger and stiffer than plywood  — available in a variety of stiffnesses and material enhancements.


Easy to recycle and can be done so without complex regulatory requirements or consideration.

Use Cases

Panel Formwork

Modular formwork for vertical concrete structures.

Handset Formwork

Flexible, light and crane-independent formwork.

Adjustable Circular Formwork

Robust and easy to curve. Ideal for curved wall construction.

Column Formwork

Wide panel, rectangular column formwork with straightforward lightweight assembly.


Mechanical Properties

Curv® is available in multiple grades to meet a wide range of mechanical properties to suit your functional requirements. Custom solutions are also available for unique applications.

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