Safety and Performance for Automotive

In the automotive sector, Curv® is used in both interior and exterior components. Exterior applications include bumpers, spoilers, body panels, underbody shields, truck bodies, and wheel wells. Interior applications include headliners, door panels, airbag components, cargo floor covers, knee bolsters, pillar coverings, and luggage racks. In the area of passenger protection, Curv is valued as superior to alternative materials. Curv, as a component in a textile airbag hinge, is used by many European car manufacturers. It does not splinter or throw fragments when the airbag is triggered, even when the airbag is activated at low temperatures.

Curv is used for local reinforcement in applications in over-injected molded components, including battery boxes, supports for door liners, and dashboards. Using Curv as an inlay increases the performance of the part without heavily investing in new materials or technologies. A pre-heated Curv insert is placed in the mold. During the over-injection, Curv bonds with the polymer melt without compromising the properties of the composite. The resulting parts demonstrate improved impact resistance, better crash behavior through higher energy absorption, improved wear resistance, and/or material and weight savings.

Replacing glass fiber reinforced components with parts made from Curv reduces weight by up to 20-30% due to the low specific gravity. The mechanical properties of Curv allow down-gauging, reducing weight by another 20-30%. Various applications have achieved weight savings of up to 50%. Including Curv in an over-injection molded part will improve part properties or allow the achievement of the same properties at a lower weight. Also, the thermal expansion of Curv is around 50% lower than standard polypropylene, which makes it easier to combine it with other materials. Compared to glass fiber reinforced materials, there is less wear on tooling, and edge trim or parts from end-of-life vehicles can be easily recycled.

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