Automotive & Powersport

The CURV family of thermoplastic composites creates revolutionary new possibilities for power sport and automotive applications.

Automotive & Powersport

Application overview

CURV's unique impact strength coupled with it's stiffness at low-weight makes it ideal for impact and weight sensitive applications. CURV excels in applications including skid plates, underbody shields, body paneling, bumpers, roof liner and support decking. Used as cut sheets or pressure-thermoformed into three dimensional parts, CURV delivers better crash behavior through higher energy absorption, improved wear resistance, and/or material and weight savings.

CURV can also be used for local reinforcement in over-injected molded components creating improved impact and fastener-hold for battery boxes, door liners, bumpers and body panel join areas. CURV is insert mold compatible for both traditional injection molded PP/Glass part as well as LFT technology.


Mechanical Properties

Curv® is available in multiple grades to meet a wide range of mechanical properties to suit your functional requirements. Custom solutions are also available for unique applications.

Create your next product with CURV

We work with customers around the world to develop solutions for complex material challenges. Contact us to learn more about what CURV can do for your brand.

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