Lightness and Durability for Anti-ballistics and Tactical Gear

Curv® is used in anti-ballistic applications in conjunction with puncture-resistant materials such as aramid fiber. The aramid material stops the projectile, the most important task of ballistic protection. However, the kinetic energy of the projectile impact can cause blunt trauma to the person wearing protection. A thin layer of Curv® incorporated behind the aramid layer disperses the impact energy over a wider area, reducing the blunt trauma to the wearer and helping prevent the types of injury associated with traditional anti-ballistics protection.

Ballistic protection vests using Curv®-aramid laminate are manufactured by Teijin Aramids (Twaron LFT AT / AT Flex products), jointly developed with PFS, and are the best combination of weight, volume, and protection available in the market. Curv and Versacomp can also be used in vehicle hard armor applications for reinforcing body parts or as anti-spalling protection in military vehicles.

Curv Tactical™ was recently developed to provide durable stiffness in high-performance uniforms and tactical gear. Curv Tactical has the ability to add stiffness and protection to holster belts, vests, helmets, and MOLLE components with unsurpassed durability while keeping everything low-weight.

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